Is a Simple Drawing Even Possible???

About 2 weeks ago, Lisa said “hey, let’s go to the store and get some poster board and do some word pictures”. I said, “sure”. So, off we went to Michael’s (or some such) and bought 2 sheets of 24″X36″ heavy white drawing paper. We got back home, spread the papers out on both ends of the dining room table, gathered up our drawing and coloring tools, and got started.

Now, we hadn’t said anything at all to each other about what the phrase “word pictures” meant. To Lisa, it meant the kind of mind maps you might do when working on a new story or project. I took it to mean something completely different.

About an hour or so into it, Lisa was finished. I had laid out only about a third of what I wanted to do. We compared what we were doing and got a good laugh out of it.

I was tempted to toss what I’d done. We’d had a good time and besides, I had a lot more work to do if I was going to finish my drawing.

But, then I thought: hey, why don’t I keep going? Then, I can post it on the blog and tell people “this is a peek into what it  looks like inside an ADD mind!”

So, I finished and am posting them below. I designed it so any edge could be the top. I liked the landscape versions better, so I posted those 2 only.

If there’s a lesson here anywhere, it’s probably something like “if you have an ADHD dad, be very clear when you ask about an art project.”

The first one is Lisa’s. This is what she meant:


Then, you have mine…version 1 based on “STAGE”…


and version 2, based on “SIGNAL”…