Brain Surgery, Summer Vacations, Gigs and Lisa in College

Having ignored this blog for so long, I’m wrestling with “how to catch up?” I really prefer short(er) blog entries, so I’m just going to bullet-point what I want to mention and then write the individual entries later. Hopefully.

  1. The Biggest News of All has to be Lisa’s Recovery. The brain surgery in July 2010 looks like it was a complete success.
  2. Lisa is now a college student, going to Adrian College.
  3. We did a LOT of traveling this summer (Lisa’s last summer before college) including: Chicago (more Second City classes), Gettysburg, New York City, Riverside, Iowa (future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk), Crazy Horse/Mt. Rushmore/Custer Nat’l Park/Wounded Knee, and FINALLY GOT TO THE BIGGEST BALL OF TWINE IN MINNESOTA.
  4. Some cool gigs with five miles more and The Bonfire Poets
  5. My first show selling beadwork
  6. More Improv and Jam Sessions at Green Wood
OK, the bullet list is posted. Details coming soon.