Next Jam Session Coming Up Tomorrow

It’s been an interesting and busy few weeks, learning more and more about temporal lobe surgery, pulling content out of Windchill databases and discussing the implications of the closing of yet another video store in Ann Arbor (that’s three in less than 2 years).
On the bright side, this is a heck of a week for music! Rehearsed with the Bonfire Poets on Sunday, Five Miles More last night, the Gathering Ensemble tonight, then playing at Liberty Plaza for homeless dinner on Friday night, Green Wood Saturday, and at the downtown FUMC on Sunday.
All of which is very cool, but I have to admit that what I’m looking forward to most is tomorrow’s Jam Session at Green Wood.
This one has an open door to anyone, is a learning opportunity for everyone, and is a great opportunity for us to kick back and have fun playing.
Things will get busy immediately after, but for those couple of hours, wow…

Jam Session Tomorrow

We’re about to have our first jam session at Green Wood. I’ve written up some simple charts – basic chord progressions like 1-4-5, chord symbols like C Cm CM7 etc. We’ll see how it goes.

Brain Surgery Pending

Lisa has decided to go ahead and have the brain surgery we have been looking into. We don’t have dates scheduled yet but she has talked with another girl who had it and she is now excited about getting it done.

Dad and mom are both excited and nervous. It’s the right thing to do, but it’s scary.

We will keep folks posted so they know how it’s going and how it turns out.

Poem A Day April 30, 2010

Day 30 – A letting go poem

anchors aweigh

it’s like being
in the middle of a lake
in a slowly drifting boat
with ropes hanging off the side
all around the gunwale. each rope
is a song I was writing or maybe each rope
is a book I started or
a dish I wanted to learn to cook or
a person I wanted to get to know better or
a painting I’d washed in but never finished

there is one rope I’m hanging on to
(it doesn’t matter what’s on the end)
(i don’t even know for sure what’s on the other end)
i want to let go of it
i think about letting go of it all the time,
i talk about letting go of it,
i make plans about how and when
and wrestle with why
but i am still holding on

in the meantime, the other ropes
are sliding off into the water
floating in the wake behind me

Poem A Day April 29, 2010

Day 29 – And suddenly…

After Chorizo al vino

There could not have been anything more mundane
more pedestrian than the conversation they were having

The same (or similar) words had been said
a million times before
by them and by others.
Sometimes over wine, sometimes over beer
sometimes over coffee or those little Mexican tapas
that were popular for a while about ten years ago as
an alternative to cheese and fruit trays at parties
where people who considered themselves modern
knew better
than to serve Swedish meatballs
Vienna Sausages
on toothpicks.

Their trajectory was predictable
which may have made it more comfortable for both of them

My job is incredible.
The wine/beer/coffee is good,
but not as good as [your favorite here]
Let’s go somewhere.

Sometimes, something flies up at you
while you’re driving
some bit of debris, a rock, a piece of cardboard
and you snap into full awareness of everything around you
The shock, the surprise, the unexpected suddenness of it
jerks you into to the present

His question was like that
Everything stopped. They both came unmoored from the script
Vertigo caught them and spun them
faster and faster
Neither knew what to do next
what to say
what the answer should be
what answer did he expect?
what answer did he feel safe giving?

Poem A Day April 28, 2010

Day 28 – end of the line

Especially When Harmonizing

Even with the brim of his hat covering his eyes
when he looked at David, it was easy to see
that he was struggling not to show
his discomfort. Discomfort. Not judgement,
though that would have been appropriate, too.
No, discomfort was really the right word

I knew it was hard for him to concentrate
Hard for him to find his note when David was
always off pitch
David always went flat at the end of the line
He just ran out of air and trailed off

Standing near David was always challenging
especially when harmonizing

It never seemed to bother me
Our pitches always blended

This was good news until someone pointed out
that it was because I was going flat too