Upcoming Performances

The last few weeks have been really productive!

Which makes sense, because I have several due dates in front of me. There’s nothing like a hard-coded delivery date to motivate someone like me to get things done.

On May 12, I’m putting up my one-man show on ADHD. I’m keeping the title “Who Am I Living With?!?!” from the earlier versions. This time, it’ll be a lot bigger and cover more territory. I’m still pulling together the script. I have over 150 “bits” of performance ideas I’ve jotted down over the last year. I expect I’ll have to trim that down. 🙂

Then, the 2015 Amy concert (for MADD and BIAMI) is a few weeks after, on May 23. We don’t have Ted this time which leaves a hole, but I’m going to call our buddy Freddy Keys and see if he’s available. We need a sax on stage to even begin to do justice to Patti’s set.

The coffee chats have moved from the coffee shop in town to the UU Church south of Ann Arbor. It’s a really nice space and it has more privacy, so it was a great move. I decided to formalize it a little bit. I’m using a model similar to the Compassionate Friends model, but I added something we don’t do there. On the sign-in sheet, I put half-a-dozen “possible topic areas” and asked people to check which ones they’d like to talk about. “Relationships” came in first. No surprise, right?

I’m really looking forward to May. Lots going on but it’s all good and I feel like I’m doing things that will make other people’s lives better. That’s a big deal to me.