Sign at the Post Office

One of the things I read about and hear from other ADD people is that we often get paralyzed by choice. Or we overthink things. This is hard for me to handle because with a background in philosophy and theology, I take for granted that very few questions ever get settled “once and for all” and that many signs and symbols are “overloaded with meaning”, so I am used to thinking about everything from a dozen different angles.

Which didn’t make this sign any easier for me to understand:


I went to the post office to mail a stack of comic books to a buyer on eBay. My package looked like this:


Is this a “box” or a “letter”? I asked 3 different people and they all said, “it’s fine, put it in the chute”. Makes no sense to me. Let me be more specific – it makes sense that it’s OK to mail the package there, but it doesn’t make sense that it seemed so obvious to them. Am I overthinking it or are they not thinking about it enough?

What I mean is this: I can read the Post Office sign to either mean “we only want boxes in this chute because of the way we handle them behind the scenes, anything without 6 sides and stiff edges in in danger of getting damaged” or “please don’t put your first class mail in this chute”. 

I ended up putting the package in the chute, but I left with another one of those “why is this so obvious to everyone else?” kind of feelings.