Drawing Post for March 31, 2015 (Tue)

Here it is 5 days or so later and I’m posting … um … number 4 of 5 pictures for this series.

I was hoping to post something new, or at least recent, but I keep coming across this one when I look through my files and decided that it was telling me something. It’s not original, it’s a copy of a Picasso, a water color I did quite a while back (87 or 88). But I’ve always liked it, so I’m going to post it as today’s entry.



Drawing Post for March 25, 2015 (Wed)

Drawing 3 of 5 – I can’t seem to keep a consistent “every day” thing going here. So it goes…

This was the envelope I used to send Lisa the ad for Hank Green‘s upcoming show at the Majestic in Detroit. Guest stars Harry and the Potters.



Daily Thought for March 21, 2015 (Sat)

Lisa and I are in Lafayette for another concert – Five Year Mission and The ShakeUps in Ponyville. Professor Savvyshy was handing out coloring sheets and crayons (!) so I took one and doodled a bit. I ran out of paper, so I folded over each other corners and modified the base drawing a little bit, then turned it over and filled in the center. Here’s the results:

The basic drawing, with some mods of my own...

This is the basic drawing, colored and with a few mods of my own.

Then, folding top left corner gives us:


While folding top right corner gives us:


Now, if we fold the bottom left, we get:


and if we fold the bottom right, we get:


If you turned the whole thing over,a diamond shaped area in the center would be blank,

so naturally, I had to fill that in…


That was fun.

I’m looking forward to their next show.

Daily Thought for March 20, 2015 (Fri)

This is the first in a series of posts for a 5 day art challenge.

I made this Beaded vase for my friend Sarah several years ago. It’s about 10 inches tall, 8 or so in diameter. I typically do not do repeating motif so this was an experiment. The angel is hanging on embroidery thread.

Sorry for the unclear picture, it’s the only copy I have.


Daily Thought for March 9, 2015 (Mon)

Jean and Lisa are endlessly amused by the way I stack things. It makes me think of the line early on in GhostBusters. They’re in the library. One of them points at a 6 foot stack of books and Bill Murray quips: “no human would ever stack books like that!”

Um, yeah they would.

I have.

That aside, here’s a couple of pictures from our little road trip last week. These formations were found in our hotel room just hours after we checked in:

IMG_2456_sm IMG_2459_sm

Possibly the funniest thing about this was what Jean said when she saw the pictures. It wasn’t about the size of the pile or the precarious nature of the stack, it was “you brought all of that with you for a 2 day trip???”