Fireworks Photographs

On Monday night, I went downtown to visit my friend Fred. He lives on the 21st floor of a nicely refurbished building near Grand Circus Park in Detroit. Fred’s heavy into photography, so I brought my new camera (not a big deal, a Canon SX530) so we could shoot pictures of the fireworks and I could ask him a few questions.


We set up our cameras on his balcony, which has a pretty good view of the city. There is an observation area higher up in the building that has an amazing view of the city and the river, but it was fairly crowded already so we decided to work from his apartment.

He told me that the way he captures fireworks, he manually opens and closes the shutter instead of setting for an interval. My camera doesn’t have that option, so I experimented with 1, 2, and 4 second shots. The best pictures were at about 2 seconds, so I posted several of them in an album on Facebook at Fireworks Album

It was a great night, we had pizza and chatted for about 4 hours, talking about cameras, travel, and ADHD, not exactly in that order.

I had so much fun, I might even take a class in Photoshop or Lightroom. Wait! – aren’t they the same thing? Yeah. I need a class…