Another Productive Day

Last night, I went to bed tired and a little anxious about “Who Am I Living With?!?!” I have dozens and dozens of bits half written and more percolating in my head. This morning, I woke up feeling 100% confident I can put this together, probably in 1 day. It’s 1 p.m. Let’s see where I am by bedtime tonight.

I usually work this way. Correction, usually i would be pulling it together right up until day-of. I don’t mind, I’ve worked that way forever and it usually comes together. But this time, I need to be done sooner for two reasons. First is that I have a couple of people who are willing to watch it for me and give me input. The other is that I want to write a script that could maybe be performed by someone else. So, my entire approach of waiting till the last minute has to change. I’m used to leaving maybe 20-40% open for adlib. This time, I want to reduce that number to maybe 10%.

Let’s see how it goes.

Busses are not Magic! (subtitle: “now and notnow”)

Today, I discovered something fascinating: Busses have schedules!



In general, my experience with busses goes something like this: I decide I am going to use the bus today to get somewhere, so I go walk down to the bus stop. I look up and down the road and, if the bus is not coming, I start walking toward my destination. In California, this was usually the nearest BART station, about a mile away. In Ann Arbor, it’s usually the coffee shop downtown, also about a mile. So, I figure that worst-case scenario is that I will get a good walk in.

However, that approach is not intentional. It’s the result of a kind of magical thinking about busses. While some people would look at the schedule to see when the bus will arrive, for me, it’s more a matter of “are the stars aligned correctly and does the Universe love me today?”

This is not a very good way to catch a bus. But it’s a good way to demonstrate the way “now/not-now” thinking works for us ADDers. When I am standing at the bus stop, the bus is either there or not there.  Which mean my luck was either good or bad.

At least, that’s the way it was in the past.

Now, we have better tools to help find the bus. I have an app on my phone that actually shows me the location of the #12 bus on the AATA route. So I can tell whether it’s worth waiting or if I should just start walking.

It still isn’t the same as looking at the schedule and getting to the bus stop on time, but it’s better. Someday, I’ll take that final step and become a person who checks the bus schedule before leaving the house.

But not yet.