O.K. – now the table’s clean…

About about fifteen minutes of going around in circles on a phone tree, I kind of lost it. It wasn’t just that, just that was my highest priority for the day, so everything else was stacked up behind it.

I like to post things like this occasionally. I like to think that maybe someone else who has a meltdown will feel like they’re the only one…


I’m not going to post any details. I think that either you can relate or you can’t…


Can’t Sleep -Pen and Ink at 2 a.m.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night, so at about 2.a.m, I gave up and broke out my india ink and favorite pen. After about 2 hours of drawing, I ended up with what is either a completely nonsensical comic strip or yet another glimpse into how my mind works. Maybe both.



The picture is 9″ X 12″ and the black of the ink is a lot nicer than the scan shows…


My Coloring Book page 4

Lisa and I were at the Rocket in Ypsilanti yesterday. I noticed 2 additions to the “grown-up coloring book” genre: Mazes and Extreme Dot to Dot. So, I couldn’t resist making a maze.

Try it! It should print fine at 8.5X11. Try to get from either X to the other. And yes, there is definitely a solution.


Now, I have to get busy and catch up on 3 days worth of email I’ve been ignoring while doing yardwork, playing guitar, and drawing pictures.