Finding Your Voice – week 1

Catherine Powers has started a writing group that’s meeting in Ann Arbor. One of the things I want to give more attention to in 2014 is my writing – plus we’ve been doing the Ann Arbor Poets Online blog, so I signed up.

At the first meeting (Feb 6), w had 7 interesting and talented people plus ginger cookies so it was off to a great start. Her prompt for the night was “dinner at our house..”. I jumped right into free-writing and came up with something that might be the root of something I polish later.

What I really noticed as we went around and read them is that I am a very cerebral writer – I loved listening to the other writers rich and emotional descriptions of what they’d written, kept looking at mine and saying, “hmmm.. my ‘style’ is very different..”

I wanted to document that for myself because I’m not sure what I think about the difference. It might just be that “my voice” is a bit detached – an observer and commentator in life rather than a participant. In some ways, that feels like a strength to the songwriter part of it. The ability to distill experiences to their essence and present them. BUT, the other side of the coin is that I’m not sure there’s any emotional depth to that. So, my plan is to experiment in this group, write different styles, see where it leads.

whether the difference is really “my voice” or