first ADHD entry


OK, so sometime around September or October of 2011, I got turned on to the idea that I might have ADHD.

More specifically, Jean brought it up. She was having lunch with some friends and said jokingly “sometimes I wonder if Mike has ADHD.” Linda turned to her and said (something like) ‘um, ya think?’

Sometimes it takes an outside set of eyes to see the obvious.

So, I did a lot of reading about it and figured “it’s possible”. There are a lot of symptoms that match and a lot of symptoms that don’t. What clicked it for me was this: the research shows that adults with ADHD can be pretty successful but feel no sense of accomplishment at all. That did it.

I took some online tests, read a bunch of books, and went to 2 different docs (one M.D., one MSW) and got validation and a prescription for Adderall.

Lots changed. Things started looking a lot more clear to me, a certain kind of fog lifted, and a whole new slew of questions came up.

I’m going to explore some of those things here with the hope it might help some others who are dealing with the same thing.