First notes about the Oct 30 Event

So it’s the middle of November and I am finally writing about the Oct 30 event. Par for the course, I think, so no more about that.

The event was well attended. Matt, Suzanne and Doug were all there, which I really appreciated. Their support and input keep me going on some of these things when I wonder if anyone’s listening. Same with Larry on the East Coast.

I would estimate about 25 people, a lot more than I had expected. that was not the case at 7. At 7, there were 4 of us. I explained to the people that were there that it messed up my original opening bit. I was going to be talking with someone and let the 7 o clock start time “slip my mind” . Then, I would talk about time management as a problem for ADD people. But, with so many people coming in between 7 and 7:15, they made my point for me! That was kind of nice, a different sort of audience participation, I guess.

Megan came in about 7:10 and we started the show. I opened with a few comments, including my comment about wanting to do this as a stand up bit. I told my light bulb joke ( ask me ) then started singing “Unworthy” by Cheryl Wheeler. I love the song but it didn’t make much of a hit on the audience. I think this might have just been bad planning, I will rethink it next time. On the other hand, it was the perfect setup for Megan to interrupt me.

Which she did. And did well. I finished the script only a day or two before and we rehearsed just that afternoon, but she delivered 100%. Jean arrived shortly after and I introduced her to the group. I felt that since the night was about relationships and ADD, it was appropriate for them to know who she was. She did register some surprise at my get up, which I will post a picture of. I told her I should have written that into the script . But her surprise was genuine which also has a power.
That’s just a structural definition of the night, I will write more about the content later. I Want to go back to my notes and say a bit about the flow of the evening and the topics that came up.

I left with a new list of questions to explore and a sense that I might be a good person to explore them. The positive feeling has stuck with me, which i feel is a bit of an accomplishment, given how ADD in general has messed with my sense of accomplishment.