Can’t Sleep -Pen and Ink at 2 a.m.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night, so at about 2.a.m, I gave up and broke out my india ink and favorite pen. After about 2 hours of drawing, I ended up with what is either a completely nonsensical comic strip or yet another glimpse into how my mind works. Maybe both.



The picture is 9″ X 12″ and the black of the ink is a lot nicer than the scan shows…


ADHD Coloring Book page 1

Coloring books for adults seem to be the Big Thing right now.

I thought it would be fun to take some of my drawings and post them so folks can print and color them themselves.They were created to be 8.5X11″ and the download size is about 250Kb, so really small.

Now, being that this is site is ADHD-related, the drawings are mostly impossible structures, so have fun. These kinds of drawings make sense to me, they challenge the idea of concrete reality in a way I find really appealing.

More to come.




Portrait Class

Last week, I sat in on a portrait drawing class with my friend Karen. Portraits have always escaped me, something about capturing all the subtleties of light and contour just doens’t seem to register. And that’s nothing compared the idea of trying to capture the person’s personality or emotional state.
That said, I’m not unhappy with the results.

Portrait 2016 02 19 Hamburg Drawing Class_smPortrait 2016 02 19 Hamburg Drawing Class 2_s,