Seeking Discussion on Yousef Ajin’s deportation protest

As we know, today there was a huge, successful rally in support of Mr. Yousef Ajin from Ann Arbor.

I Shared the Facebook event for the protest on my Facebook page and received a critical comment from Kenneth Ramsey, who I believe is one of my brother’s FB friends. He brought up some interesting points and I wanted to acknowledge that he made some good points.

My overall view on this whole immigration debacle is that 45 is playing to the xenophobic tendencies of his base, which is completely in line with his having been elected by playing to our most base fears. He is a keen observer of humanity at its worst and uses that knowledge to  make himself appear to be a “man of the people.” No comment on exactly which people he is the man of…

That said, Ramsey brought up an interesting point- the decision to remove Mr. Ajin was made in April of 2012 under the Obama administration. I don’t know enough about immigration law to know why this decision was made.

Mr. Ajin was in the system and working toward citizenship, according to multiple reports, so I find the decision confusing, but again, I don’t know a lot about immigration law.

Mr. Ajin did have a felony conviction in 2001 for using someone else’s credit card, but he’d been fined and served probation, so that is ancient history. Contrary to Ramsey’s assertion “No way he was set to be a citizen! HE IS A CONVICTED FELON!”,  it appears (based on info from Nolo: that this would not have prevented him from becoming a citizen. He also had a misdemeanor conviction in May of 2003, but again, that was quite a while ago.

He’s a father of four children who seems to have turned his life around and done everything right, at least for the last 10-plus years.

Pending more information, I support the protest and am glad to see that the outcome was positive for the Ajin family.

I’d love to hear people’s comments about this, it raises a lot of interesting questions.