Daily Thought for Jan 29, 2015


Beadwork around water bottle and jar.

Size 11 seed beads with peyote stitch, done sometime in the late 2000’s.

I was looking for a quote about how Big Things are made of a lot of little things,
but all of them seemed trite. It’s what I love about beading though.

It’s like mosaic or tapestry – hundreds or little pieces
making up a big design.

It’s like the human condition. Each of us is a piece in a bigger picture.

The challenge is finding out exactly where our piece belongs.

The certainty is that every piece is necessary.

I’ve often thought about that same idea

with some of Rembrandt’s etchings. Lines and lines and lines

and then you have a picture.

Look at the one below. The lines along the top left are so loose,

just unattached pieces, but toward the center of the drawing

they make up a clearly defined picture…



Daily Thought for Jan 17-23, 2015

I spent this last week pretty much off the radar, offline and unplugged.

There was a trigger, some negative comments that I over-reacted to. I took some advice from the famous therapist John Lennon:

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…

which was his rewriting of this piece from the Tibetan Book of the Dead: “The teaching concerning the hell-visions is the same as before; recognize them to be your own thought-forms, relax, float downstream.”

I learned a lot, which is for another time, but I did do a few drawings, posted below.




Things are looking up today!

Daily Thought for Jan 16, 2015


A favorite video from a very cool guy. Hank Green is the kind of guy

you wish every teacher used as a model. Informed, simple, direct, and funny.

In this one, he explains why it’s so much easier for us to believe bad news than good news.

Some favorite quotes:

“Destroying stuff is easy, building stuff is hard…good is gradual, bad stuff happens in spikes”

“We are constantly surrounded by good news [so] we don’t think about all of the good stuff that just works”