Retirement? Sabbatical? Gap Year? Cast your vote…

This Friday, Feb 28 (1 day before my birthday – March 1), will be my last day at PTC. I’m going to step out of IT for a while and pursue some of my numerous outside interests.

But it raises a question: what do I call this change?

I’ve been talking to people and I found I’m resistant to calling it “early retirement”. I think that sentence carries with it the rider: “so I can spend some time on my hobbies” which isn’t at all how I feel about what I’m doing.

But then I’m left with “what DO I call it”?

It isn’t strictly a “sabbatical” as I’m not teaching anywhere right now and nobody’s paying me…

It isn’t “a career change” because there isn’t a job waiting for me in some other field.

It isn’t a “gap year” because I’m not a college student. (well, strictly speaking, I guess I am until I finish the IPS program at EMU)

So what the heck is it? I hope to be doing more music and writing, spending more time doing ADHD related outreach, trying to figure out how to get Playback Theatre in front of people, things like that. But what the heck is it called?

I welcome any suggestions…