Video Clips from “Who Am I Living With?!?!”

I’ve put up a few clips from the June 2015 performance of my one-man show on ADHD “Who Am I Living With?!?!” They are in a playlist at this link: WAILW 2015 playlist. There are currently 3 of them. I’ll put up more later.

I Want to Leave You But

I Want to Leave You” – a short blues tune.

“Control Freaks, Support Group, and ToDoList” – a bit that includes “I forgot to tell my wife I was retiring from my job…”

The Spinning Wheel of Attention” – a graphic example of how our brains work

I hope you enjoy these. Please send any comments or feedback. I’m not sure where or when I’ll be doing the show next, but watch for it!


“Who am I Living With?!?!” – comments afterwards

The show was Tuesday night and I spent most of yesterday catching up on things I’d been putting off until “after Tuesday”. (1) It went well. The Q and A afterwards was especially good, which is great because that’s kind of what I’m really after. Introducing people to new information and then getting them to talk about it.

That said, it IS a lot of fun getting up and doing characters and bits I’ve written. I have a whole stack of comments that I wrote up at about 5a.m. Wednesday, but I wanted to put a couple of them down here.

– I’m glad the song “Mommy, Which Daddy?” went over. I like the underlying theme, I like the structure and arrangements, but there are a couple of parts that are just embarrassing. “Will my kids walk on eggshells whenever I’m around? I really won’t like it if they do.” Incredibly clunky. I left it like that, though, because it’s being sung from a kid’s point of view and I think they might say it that way. But it hurts singing it!

– Lou’s character (representing ADHD as a disability, not a gift) became a gay man during a run through on Sunday. It was a whim – I’m not much of a actor and wanted to try on different characters. What I really liked was the line about “I don’t want to be identified by one aspect of my personality.” So, I kept it. I personally found that saying the line “I love him and know that he loves me” flowed very naturally. So maybe I’ve added one dimension to my acting. Still not comfortable trying different ethnicities or accents, but at least I got a little bit out of myself.

– I really appreciated everyone who showed up and their level of engagement. I watch for nodding heads and for cross-talk among audience members and there was plenty of it, so that felt good.

– To everyone who was there: I really think I should NOT have shown that last video. The wire between that laptop and the sound system was the one piece of tech I left home and maybe unconsciously that’s why I didn’t show the video where it was scripted. The decision to show it was impulsive and I think, in the long run, a bad choice. There was good information, but I think it looked really silly and forced out of the context of the show itself. So, sorry!

More later, but I wanted to put something down before people start wondering where the heck I vanished to.(2)

endnotes to the webpost (wow, really?)

(1) this whole bit with “does the punctuation mark go inside or outside the quotation mark?” just drive me crazy. Putting the dot inside the quotes was a concession to early printing presses. But it was being changed as early as the late 1800’s when newer typesetting equipment came around. And with most of this being done electronically now, there is no excuse for not doing it right. Except that “Britain changed and America didn’t.” Not much of an answer if you ask me. But nobody did, so you don’t have to read this…

(2) or “to where the heck I vanished.” I just had to put that down  because I know how much it pains Lisa to head the grammatically incorrect title of the show. 🙂