Texting and Driving – part 2 of 3

While I was tumbling down the rabbit hole in my reading about Texting and Driving,  I ran across a really interesting article from Sacramento. A tech startup has an app called “Text to Ticket” that allows you to report drivers who are texting while driving.

You capture the footage of the driver texting, get a shot of their license plate, and notify the company. They turn the infomation over to law enforcement and – if the person is ticketed – you get $5.00 for reporting it.

As of Feb, 2017, when the article was written, the company had received over 600 submissions and paid out over $2000.00.  Here’s a link to the article.

They have one very important rule: the video must be taken by a passenger, or a pedestrian.

The driver cannot take the video.

The driver should be watching the road.


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