I Now Have a 5 Hour Show

[Before you read this, I still maintain that being where I am – 4 days before showtime – is not “waiting till the last minute.” In the past, I would have “some vague idea” till about 6 p.m Monday. So, I’m feeling pretty good.]


Progress on “Who Am I LIving With?!?!” continues. Today’s job is assembling all of the free-floating bits of “bits”, monologs, songs, tech ideas, slides, etc and trying to sequence them front to back. It looks something like this. Exactly like this, in fact:


I’ve run through most of the bits and it looks like over 4 hours of material, including audience participation and raucous applause. So it’s time to start trimming.  I hate this part. There is so much that could be said about this topic! On the other hand, I can be really wordy, so it’s good discipline.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product…


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