Daily Thought for Feb 3, 2015 – A Poem that Didn’t Make the Cut

I made another pass through some of the poems that didn’t make the cut for the book. For a lot of them, it’s obvious why they didn’t make it. Some are a bit more borderline. This is one of them:



A white flower
in the middle of the table
resting on a perfectly ironed
white linen

A young child
standing on the back porch
seeing everything as a perfect
and exciting new

A couple
still in wedding clothes
lost in perfect love
and anticipation of their unscripted

A weed
warm and fragrant in an open field
destined to be cut and burned
because it is

A teenager
shuffling through the hallways at school
avoiding the glares
of the kids who are

A couple
many years later
taking desperate measures
backs against the wall


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