“Who Am I Living With?!?!” Is Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night at about this time, I’ll be giving my first webinar for ADDA. It’s very exciting but I’m doing a good job of keeping myself together for it.

The performance-and-discussion “Who Am I Living With?!?!” has really grown since the first time I did it at Crazy Wisdom (last October already!). The generous participation of so many individuals (ADD and non-ADD) has really helped me grow this into something helpful and useful.

The webinar will be a little different in that it doesn’t lend itself quite so much to the peer-group discussion format I like. Instead, I’ve rolled up a lot of what folks have said, a lot of what I’ve read, and a lot of what I’ve learned from interviewing people into a presentation format.

It was a great exercise.

In my usual discussions, I bring along all of this content but I keep it as background material. This time, I’ve merged and sifted through what I’ve learned. In that way, this one is more of a sharing of past sessions than active participation.

I’m still hoping to learn a lot in the Q & A at the end to bring forward to future groups.

Alan Brown is the moderator, which is also very exciting for me. His mission is public outreach – getting to the 85%. This is exactly where I think I can be the most useful too, so I’m looking forward to working with him.


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