WAILW?!?! participant questions – July 2014-Set 2

During “Who Am I Living With?!?!” at the 2014 ADDA Conference, I asked participants to anonymously submit written questions for us to talk about.Seeing and hearing each other’s questions is a good way to let us know we are not alone – knowing that I am not the only one dealing with a particular problem can be a big relief. It can give you a different perspective on the problem knowing that others are facing it too.

– What’s the best way to support my partner’s ADD adventure without losing my patience?

– At times, we are unable to communicate with each other due to lack of patience. What can I do to clear my mind and open our channel of sharing and understanding?

– The ADDer always wants forgiveness, patience, understanding etc. How do they ever understand the feelings and ANGER of this rollercoaster cycle & what it does to the non-ADHD partner & how many times we HAVE forgiven and been patient?

– How can we EVER communciate properly when frequently they:

a. deny what they said

b. forgets what they said

c. comes back with “what I meant was…”!!


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