Final Prep for Orlando ADDA Conference 2014

Phew! (Do we say that more than neurotypical people?)

This is my last day to prepare for the trip to Orlando. My mom and I are driving down, leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning. We’re going to visit with her cousin, then I’ll drive back up to Orlando for the conference.

I’m looking forward to the conference in a big way. I get to work with Kirsten from playDHD (I attended her session last year and immediately loved her style!), I’m bringing some printed t-shirts to sell (my first foray into free-market capitalism), and I am going to try to get the group singing along with a tune I wrote just for the conference. Lots to do.

So, this week was prep week. Except that it wasn’t. It got away from me.

We added computer shopping, printer shopping, software installation, swapping 2 old bass guitars for a new one (my “heavy metal” Ibanez and a little-played Yamaha fretless for a burgundy-red Fender Precision bass), some help at Art Fair, and a passel of other tasks to the list.

I have my day mapped out and – if I can accomplish each of the tasks in the allotted time – I will be ready to go before 10p.m. tonight.

That is…IF I can resist the urge to spent 4 hours wandering around at Art Fair…


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