Share Your Story – lazy, stupid or crazy?

I’m working on a longer performance piece about Adult ADD and I’d like to ask you to share your stories. It’s important that we do that. We learn from each other than we aren’t the only ones who have messy desks or get mad at interruptions or feel we haven’t really done anything with our lives. Also, it can give our partners, friends, and the public insight into the adult side of ADD. We are dealing with different issues than kids or teens.

In this section, I’m asking this: have you even felt “am I lazy, stupid, or crazy?” This comes up a lot in the literature. “What’s wrong with me?” Can you relate? Have you felt this? Tell me your story.

To add your story, just click the word balloon above and to the right of this entry.

You can do it anonymously if you like, though I’d prefer to have your information so I can do follow up. If I end up using your story in a performance, it’ll be anonymous, so don’t worry about that!


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