July 15, 2010 – post 1 (1:30 pm)

No real news to report. I got a good night’s sleep last night, didn’t get back to the hospital until around noon. Jean’s back there now trying to sleep, she didn’t get much last night.

Lisa’s on the bed next to me, asleep again. They’ve removed some of the tubes from her, including one of the hand tubes that was monitoring BP (fascinating). There is still a drain in her head that is letting brain fluid escape so no pressure builds up. Another amazing invention. She’s still on a lot of pain medication, but everything’s going along nicely.

She took her regular p.m. dose of meds last night, swallowed them herself and drank a little water to chase them down. Today, she’s allowed to have food. She tried some liquids this morning but it didn’t go well. I wasn’t there so I don’t have details but again, nothing out of the ordinary for someone at her stage of recovery.

She was talking today, remembers more of the prep than we would have expected with the Versed she had. She was advocating for herself, wanting us to sit her up, lower the bed, raise the bed, remove the cath, help me scootch up in the bed.

Everything is going great.


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