July 13, 2010 – post 1

We went through a battery of pre-surgical meetings this morning and afternoon. A physical, a blood test and discussions with three different doctors about the procedure. Dr. Kotagal and Bingaman as expected, plus one of Dr. Bingaman’s colleagues.

A bump has been introduced into the process but nothing Lisa can’t handle. Because of the surgeries she had back in 2004-5 for her throat. Due to a problem with the tube they originally used to intubated her immediately after the crash, she’d had a condition called “stridor”, which had something to do with some web-like tissue that was constricting her vocal cord from opening and closing correctly.

The doctors doing the procedure tomorrow want to make sure her throat is OK for intubation during the surgery, so they want to use a scope to check it. The scope goes in her nose then down the throat. A fairly minor procedure except for her experiences at the U of M hospital back in 99 or so in which the nurse made a mistake (one of a series that dogged her career we later found out) and didn’t actually numb Lisa’s nose and throat before doing it. So, naturally, she has some bad memories and fears to deal with.

But, we’re confident she’ll do it. She’s currently about 25% confident but I think we can build that up overnight.

No other big surprises came up during the discussions. She had a list of about 10 question and all of them were answered. Some were serious (“how long will the headaches last after the surgery?” – answer: about 2-4 weeks, “how many of these have you done?” – answer: about 3 a week since 1995) and some were a little sillier (“what are they going to do with the piece of brain they take out?” – answer: send it away for evaluation, “will you have had your morning cup of coffee before we start?” – answer: I’m a morning person, so no big deal.)

Lisa’s catching up on her blog, I’m catching up on some work and Jean’s catching up on sleep. We’re planning a nice dinner, then Lisa has to fast from midnight on. We head in at 7:00a tomorrow, expect about a 5 hour procedure, then 2-3 hours before she wakes up.

Here goes.


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