June 4, 2010 – post 2

Musical Interlude

Tom Richards is on the Child Life team here at the Cleveland Clinic. He was here last time we were in (Nov 2008) and we remembered each other. After we talked on Tuesday, he let Brian Fisk know we were here and Brian showed up today with his guitar and a stack of sheet music.

We met Brian last time and he’s a real treat. He’s a medical student (though he may be a doctor by now, wish I’d asked him that directly) doing research here on breast cancer. And he’s a musician. He came to the room with his Johnson guitar and played some of his and our favorites. The Beatles “Hide Your Love Away”, “Me and Julio”, “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Blackbird”. He introduced me to a few new songs from musicians like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Fionn Regan, really cool stuff.

Lisa and I did Wonder Drug for him back in 2008, we skipped it this time and instead did a trio on CSNY’s “Teach Your Children”. What a great thing, to be bringing music room to room on the ward.

Brian was learning Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” and played that for us. I like the way he takes these song and doesn’t just cover them, he does a nice job of making them his own.

When he finished in our room, he headed across the hall to you younger kid’s room. When Lisa and I got up to walk down the hall, he was playing “Old McDonald”. The kid and his younger sibling were loving it and singing along.


2 thoughts on “June 4, 2010 – post 2

  1. Music has a way of making us happy even when we aren’t so much that way. I didn’t have a very good day today.I stabbed myself with a sawzall this morning in my hand and then rechipped my front tooth later on. we were over at Weber’s tonight having dinner with Mom and one of my brothers in from Texas and the band playing there made us want to stay and go dancing. Music has it’s way.

  2. Mike & Jean:
    Today’s 11:15 service was the confirmation service – 14 confirmands! Sermon was on “when things fail…”. It’s worth a read once it’s posted on the fumc-a2.org site.

    Music theme: to help illustrate a point, Doug asked Mark Brokaw to play the beginning of Alice Cooper’s, “school’s out forever” during the sermon. And last night at Greenwood, Tom Wachterhauser’s “Rock of Ages” big band played a great concert of big band hits. What a treat! I’m so impressed that this 15 piece band holds it together. They are a mix of Baptist/Methodist men and 2 women from Davison, MI. Not sure if you are a fan of big band music, Mike, but I’m sure you appreciate what it takes to hold a band like this together!


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