June 1, 2010 – post 6

Bears in Cleveland

One last note before we close down for the night.

Lisa has two very special friends with her – Purpellina and Rupert. Two stuffed animals who came with her on the trip. Purpellina is from her eight-year old cousin Anna. Anna has been sleeping with Purpellina every night since she was a baby, but she was willing to send her along to help Lisa get through her hospital visit. Purpellina promised she would come back and tell Anna stories about how Lisa was doing and what it was like in Cleveland.

So far, she’s seen a long, long car ride and the inside of the Cleveland Clinic. Lisa took a picture with Purpellina before she had the EEG monitors attached to her head, we’re hoping she lets us take another picture tomorrow. Maybe we can have a whole Purpellina series! Who knows?!

Rupert is another special Teddy Bear. She was given to Lisa by her friend Emily Swanson. Emily went through a very similar surgery just a few years back for epilepsy. Lisa and Emily met a few weeks ago to talk through the procedure. Emily let Lisa know what to expect and really did a lot to address some of Lisa’s tension. It was such a heartwarming thing to watch Emily hand over her bear to Lisa.


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