Poem A Day April 19, 2010

Day 19 – write about a person, their name is the title

Howard (Washington) Thurman

In the office on Larkin Street
There is a bust of Dr. Thurman
I would often, often sit alone at the desk
After the bulletins were printed
After the phones were answered
After the mail was sorted
And just look at it

Nothing happened
Nothing visible
but everything inside me grew
Overflowed with love,
But these were some of the most
moments of my life

Did he ever sit in this chair?
He walked down these halls
He preached from the same lectern I’d stood at
Listened to music from the same piano
But was this the same furniture?

A tiny number of people know about him
He chatted music with Gandhi
Listened to Tagore underneath a banyan tree
Dr. King carried his book
Morehouse College has a dorm with his name on it

Centering Down.
He understood Centering Down.
And Common Ground
Maybe more than anything else
Maybe more than anyone else

I brought Amy and Lisa to his church
I made music there

I want him to be a household name
His spirit is still there
on Larkin Street
in that building

Go read about him


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