Poem A Day April 18, 2010

To Feel It Again, Just Once

At nine o’clock, we’d go upstairs
Well, more or less at nine
Bedtime was kind of flexible
(you learned that watching mine)

So, sometime after sundown, you’d
wash up and brush your teeth
Upstairs, I’d check the bed,again –
nope, nothing underneath

We’d settle in for story time
You holding Rupert Bear
I’d do my best to make one up
while you finished your prayers

We had our favorites, you and me,
If there was nothing new
Inside me on a given night,
The old ones worked for you

Another Walking in the Woods
with music at the end (or)
a new Page Of The Story
featuring all your friends

The characters were not the same
On any given night
Some reappeared from time to time
I guess that was all right

You’d lean your head there on my chest
I’d kiss and stroke your hair
I’d feel you warm, I’d feel you safe
In those moments we’d share

A universe of love. I’d stay long
after story’s end
I wish that I could lay with you
and feel that way again.


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